Adobe Flash Failed to Initialize

This will be a short post following an uncommonly long mystery. I’m noting it so anyone googling the specific error will find the solution more quickly.

When attempting to install Adobe Flash on Windows, the installer may quit during initialization at around 50% with the error message “Failed to Initialize.”

This can be caused if an invalid proxy server is configured in Windows/IE Internet connection settings. I figured this out after I also tried to update Java, where the error was a bit more telling.

JDBC Driver Mismatch

When working with Oracle Database and JDBC, (while installing Oracle Waveset/Identity Manager, for instance), you may encounter an error when using ojdbc5.jar or ojdbc6.jar that says “Driver Mismatch.” This is due to a malformed URL, the format of which has changed since ojdbc14.jar (which should not be used with Waveset due to a table compatibility issue).

According to the JDBC FAQ, the proper format of the URL is:

jdbc:oracle:thin:dbuser/[email protected]:1521:dbSID


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