Get mouse wheel tilts to go foward/back in Ubuntu 14.04

Upon installing Ubuntu 14.04, I noticed that tilting the wheel of my Logitech VX Nano had no effect on the browser back/forward functions like I had set up in Windows via Logitech SetPoint.

To resolve, set up imwheel

$ sudo apt-get install imwheel
$ cat << EOF > ~/.imwheelrc
None, Left, Alt_L|Left
None, Right, Alt_L|Right

This maps mouse tilts (button 6 and button 7 by default) to the button combination Alt+L and Alt+R for all running processes. It can be limited to a single process by adjusting the regular expression (e.g. "^firefox-bin$") but I was not able to get this to work for Chrome, at least while it was running.

Start imwheel with a button spec that captures only wheel tilts and test it

$ imwheel -k -b "0 0 0 0 6 7"
INFO: imwheel started (pid=5091)

To start imwheel whenever X starts, edit the startup.conf file

$ sudo vi /etc/X11/imwheel/startup.conf
IMWHEEL_PARAMS='-b "0 0 0 0 6 7"'

That last line defines the same button spec tested earlier. Without it, some things like Ctrl+scroll zooming stop working